A safe source of mountain spring water for your baby’s development and growth

Benefits of Mountain Spring Drops Water


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Place: The mountain ranges of the Nilgiris

Altitude: 6500 ft (1951 Meters) above MSL

Average temperature at source: 10 °C

Crisp & crystal clear, Just Born Baby Spring Drops water emerges in a pristine ecologically protected environment at an altitude of 6500 feet. This is the zone where the clouds swing lower to kiss the towering peaks of the beautiful Blue Mountains, the Nilgiris. Clean and unbelievably pure, this water is collected, micron filtered, ozonized and UV treated. It is immediately bottled at the source of the spring itself to preserve its natural purity and freshness.

Low in Fluorides, Nitrates, Sodium, Sulphate & Chlorides.

Ozonised UV Treated Micron Filtered.

Benefits & Uses of BABY SPRING DROPS for baby’s

For Mixing Your Baby's Milk Formula

For Mixing Your Baby's Milk Formula

Since baby milk formula is produced with great care & with the optimum levels of nutrients and minerals incorporated in the formula, just right for your baby, it is very important not to alter this balance.

Just Born Spring Drops Water is very low in minerals, extremely light and very easily digestible, perfectly pH balanced and your best choice to mix your baby’s milk formula. The Water does not alter the mineral composition of the milk formula, so your baby’s delicate digestive system is not burdened with over mineralization.

Kindly follow the manufacturers instructions printed on the milk formula packaging for the perfect ratio of water and milk powder for the preparation of your baby’s top-up feed to obtain optimum benefits.

For Preparing Your Baby's Cereals

Well balanced & easy on your baby’s delicate digestive system, Baby Cereals have not tasted better when prepared with Just Born Spring Drops Water. The real flavor of the cereal is natural when prepared with the water.

Pure and light, the water blends perfectly well with the cereal giving the cereal the perfect taste and texture which your baby is going to enjoy completely. Watch your baby finish their bowl of cereal within minutes, leaving your baby craving for more.

For Preparing Your Baby's Cereals
For Cooking Your Baby's Food

For Cooking Your Baby's Food

Just Born Spring Drops Water does not alter the nutritional levels of your baby’s food ensuring that your baby is getting the best nutrition from the vegetables and food being fed to them. Even better, digestion of the food you feed your baby becomes much easier thanks to the low levels of sodium, sulphate and chlorides present in the water.

Essentially, wash the baby’s vegetables and fruits with Just Born Spring Drops Water before cooking with it.

As Drinking Water For Your Baby

Hydration plays a very important role in your baby’s overall development, growth and well-being. Once your baby is 6 months of age or as advised by your baby’s Pediatrician, it is ok to give your baby sips of water when thirsty from a spoon or allowing your baby to drink from a water sipper.

Just Born Spring Drops Water is your best choice to hydrate your baby, as the water is very light which makes it very easy for your baby’s body to absorb, eliminating any fussiness, colic, discomfort and bloating caused due to water retention.

Always sterilize bottles, teats and bottle accessories before feeding your baby.

As Drinking Water For Your Baby
  • Typical analysis ( Mg/Ltr )

    Calcium Megnesium Chlorides Sulphate
    < 5.00 < 2.00 < 9.00 < 4.00
    Nitrates Fluorides Iron Sodium
    < 0.10 < 0.50 < 0.01 < 2.30