Just Born® Baby Feeding Bottle Electric Steam Sterilizer - Fully Automatic

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Just Born® 6 Baby Feeding Bottle Electric Steam Sterilizer is the best option to sterilize your baby's feeding bottles and accessories. It kills 99.9% germs. Just pour water (120 ML) onto the heating plate, load the bottles and bottle accessories, plug the unit to an electric socket and turn on the unit with a single touch operation. The rest is taken care off by the Sterilizer and your baby's bottles will be completely sterilized in 8 minutes. 

The Sterilizer has a digital control with LCD display which shows you the time remaining for the sterilization process to complete. Once the sterilization is complete, you will hear a sound indication to alert you. The Sterilizer even features a power-off protection which automatically switches off when dry. 

  • Direction to use

    Direction to use : Pour 120 ML water into the base using the measuring cup included. For best results use Just Born® Spring Drops Water For Sterilization. Place the bottles on the bottle rack downward (lower layer) Place accessories on the accessory rack (upper layer) Put the lid on and plug in. Press the power button, it turns blue and LED displays the default 08 and the display shows the countdown for the minutes (7 min, 6 min) and seconds (59, 58 secs) When it reaches 0, the sterilizer beeps 3 times and automatically switches off. Unplug the sterilizer from the mains