Just Born® Baby Silicone Fruit Feeder


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Just Born® Baby Silicone Fruit Feeder is a perfect way to introduce your baby to fruits and vegetables at an early age without the risk of chocking. Just open the feeder, place the fruits, snap the lock and let your baby enjoy. Made from non-toxic, baby safe & BPA free silicone & polypropylene plastic. It is easy to clean & sterilize and includes a hygienic cover.


Made from highest quality food grade silicone.

Perfect size & design for your baby to hold and feed comfortably. 

Ultra soft silicone mesh for your baby's safe use. 

Protective & hygienic cover. 

Cane be used to soothe the gums as a teether.


Sterilize & wash baby silicone fruit feeder before every use. 

Place freshly cut fruits / vegetables inside the silicone mesh. 

Lock the handle on tightly to ensure food is kept securely in the mesh. 

After feeding the baby, close the mesh bag by using the cover to keep it clean. 

How to clean:

Clean before and after every use. 

Wash in warm water using a mild baby safe cleanser and rinse thoroughly in clean water. 

Can be sterilized using an electric steam sterilizer. 

For best results use Just Born Baby Safe Liquid Cleanser to wash and Just Born Electric Steam Sterilizer to sterilize all baby accessories and toys.