Just Born® Natural Baby Wet Wipes With Lid Alcohol + Perfume Free - Aloe Vera + Chamomile - 80 Extra Large (18 x 20 cm) Wipes

Aloe Vera And Chamomile (80 Extra Large Wipes 18 × 20 cm)
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Just Born extra soft baby wipes contain aloe vera and chamomile, a proven combination that, while being gentle on the skin, effectively cleanses, moisturizes and protects your baby’s tender skin. Gently wipe baby from top to toe before and after diaper change to keep your baby really fresh, really clean, moisturized and protected. 

  • Ingredients

    Ingredients : Aloe vera, chamomile, glycerin, D-gluconic acid lactone, decyl glucosid, benzoic acid and aqua.

  • Direction

    Direction : Open sealing label. Remove a wet tissue from the opening and use as required. Close label completely after removal of wipe. Caution: Remember to always close the lid of the container after extracting a wipe to prevent the unused wipes from drying out. Keep baby wipes away from direct sunlight and direct heat. Do not flush the baby wipes down the toilet; dispose with garbage. Keep package and wipes out of reach from babies and children to avoid the risk of choking and suffocation.