Just Born® Premium Easy Pants - 9 to 14 Kg's - 24's Count

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Extra Super Absorbent :

Soft Dry Feel: Just Born Premium Baby Disposable Easy Pants have been specially made with polymers and fluffy layers which rapidly absorbs and locks the wetness multiple times to keep your baby’s delicate skin fresh and dry

100% Breathable:

Just Born Premium Baby Disposable Easy Pants are made from 100% Breathable cloth like cover. This helps cool down the Pull Up diaper by allowing warm air to escape from the Diaper, keeping your baby’s skin cool and fresh. This also helps prevent Nappy Rash.

Anti Bacterial:

Helps to reduce skin irritation and helps prevent Nappy Rash

Leak Guards:

Gently hugs your baby’s legs to prevent any side leaks. Stretchable Waist Band: Hugs your Baby’s waist comfortably for a better fit and also prevents the diaper from slipping off.

Colorful Design:

Makes your baby look smart and trendy.