Just Born® Mother's Silicone Nipple Puller

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Just Born® Mother's Silicone Nipple Puller is specially designed for breast feeding mother's with flat or inverted nipples & unable for the baby to latch on. The Nipple Puller gently draws the nipple out in a painless manner, enabling the mother to breast feed her baby with ease and a comfortable latch on experience. 

Features: Silicone Bulb is made from medical grade soft silicone | The puller plastic is made of medical grade polypropylene | Gently pulls our flat or inverted nipples | Massages breast & Mammary Glands Babies can easily latch-on for feeds | Easy to use & sterilize | Hygienic storage case provided | Travel friendly | All parts are BPA free, odourless |

Usage: Wash hands and Silicone Nipple Puller. Press the silicone rubber bulb and place the puller plastic shield directly over and around the nipple. Push the puller plastic shield down making an air tight seal & release the bulb. Repeat until the nipple is fully out before feeding your baby.