Just Born® Premium Mother's Manual Breast Pump

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Just Born Premium Mother's Manual Breast Pump is specially designed to mimic your baby's natural sucking pattern. This helps in safe, gentle and effective expression of milk and also helps maintain the natural supply of mother's milk.

One of the unique features of the breast pump is it has 2 levels of suctions. Level 1 can be used to massage the breast and stimulate milk flow and level 2 for higher suction and for quicker expression of milk. 

The breast pump is specially designed for maximum efficiency and comfort. The handle is designed for maximum grip and easy pumping and the body shelf funnel is designed for slouch free sitting position while pumping, providing mother's maximum comfort during use. 

The breast Pump has a closed system design which prevents the expressed milk from coming into any outside contamination. The milk is pumped from the breast into the funnel and flows directly into the collection container. 

Just Born Premium Mother's Manual Breast Pump is equipped with soft silicone massage pads for painless expression and maximum comfort of the breast. 

The breast pump includes a bottle container, a sealing disk, teats and a hood. The sealing disk can be fixed on the container and be used to store the expressed milk. Alternatively, the teat can be fitted on the container to feed your baby the expressed milk directly. 

The breast pump is made from food grade silicone and high grade BPA free Poly Polypropylene. All parts and materials used are completely safe and can be sterilized for hygiene. The breast pump includes a dust free cover to close the funnel when not in use. This prevents dust, insects and other foreign objects from entering the breast pump and contaminating the expressed milk. 

The breast pump is extremely easy to assemble, use and clean.