Just Born® Baby Silicone Squeezy Spoon Feeder


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Just Born® Baby Silicone Squeezy Spoon Feeder is the apt choice for mothers to assist wean off their baby's. Made from 100% food grade, non-toxic & BPA free silicone which is safe for baby's use. Introduce your baby to semi solid foods, juices, cereals, mashed rice, pulses and boiled vegetables comfortably and with ease. 


Made from 100% food grade silicone, non-toxic, and BPA free silicone.

Specially designed spoon with rounded off edges.

Sealing disk for non-spill storage and travel. 

With protective spoon cover for hygiene. 

Easy to use. Easy to clean. Easy to sterilize. 

How to clean

Clean before and after each use.

Disassemble all parts and wash in warm water using a mild baby safe cleanser.

Can be sterilized using an electric steam sterilizer. 

For best results use Just Born Baby Safe Liquid Cleanser and Just Born Electric Sterilizer to sterilize all baby feeding accessories and toys.